How We Help

Removing Obstacles

We all want love. But services of love costs lots of money and are complicated. Why not go high tech! Let a real artist perform your real life wedding or funeral in the virtual world. Fast, Simple, New! Don't get left behind. Amazonelope- The future of Ceremonies! weddings funerals virtual reality oculus rift

Be Your Best Self

Life is full of opportunities, and it is my job to help you go to Open find amazonelope, use Etherium to bid on the ceremony, and I will ask you custom questions and I will send you a url to a web based virtual world where I take you through the whole ceremony and reception! I help you to be your best self with no pressure, and the best technology on your special day! weddings funerals virtual reality oculus rift

Live Your Dreams

When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true. I am a world class artist who has personally developed a special plan for an all inclusive virtal reality wedding that is easy, accessible, and customized to your specifications, - ALL so you can LIVE the DREAM BABY!